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Armos (Quantum Key Distribution)

The ultimate shield for your data

Armos (QKD) protects your critical infrastructure unconditionally, providing quantum resilience and ensuring that your data is safe at all times.​

Armos (Quantum Key Distribution)

The ultimate shield for your data

Armos (QKD) protects your critical infrastructure unconditionally, providing quantum resilience and ensuring that your data is safe at all times.​

Principles behind Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

What is Armos QKD?

Armos- Quantum Key Distribution is a state-of-the-art appliance which provides unconditional security for your critical data by leveraging the principles of quantum physics.

It is a highly-sophisticated engineering innovation which involves the power of complex deep-tech technologies (such as semiconductors, optoelectronics, high precision electronics, complex software algorithms and quantum physics) that work together to create unconditional security.

Adopt disruptive technology without changing your infrastructure

Today’s complex network infrastructure has been built over time and each of the devices have a specific role to play. With such complexities being a reality, Armos quantum key distribution can be deployed in any present cryptographic system. The quantum layer sits on top of the existing network, making the deployment and adoption seamless—be it a data centre or a hybrid model.

Easy upgrade to quantum
safe security

Seamless integration
in the existing
crypto infrastructure

No disruption in
operation - Faster time to value

No wastage of existing investments - Very High ROI

How Armos QKD Works

Quantum Key Distribution also known as QKD is the method of distribution of encryption keys which uses the principles of quantum physics to secure keys. Armos uses a series of photons to transmit keys from one point to another over a fibre cable. The photons are generated randomly, which are in quantum state.

Armos uses photons to exchange quantum information in order to arrive at the same key at both ends. Any attempt to read the photon information causes disturbance, thereby increasing the error rate in the channel and causing the keys to collapse. This stops the generation of keys and warns the admin of a possible attack on the channel. The key generation is not resumed until the error rate comes down. ​

In the whole communication, the key is never transacted, which makes eavesdropping near impossible. The symmetric key always remains a shared secret between the QKD at both the ends.​

How Armos Quantum key Distribution QKD Works
How Armos Quantum key Distribution QKD Works
How Armos Quantum Key Distribution Achieves Unconditional Security

Though a third party cannot directly tap into a VPN communication, there are ways to copy encrypted data from fibre and store it for decryption in the future. This data will include the key’s as well, which once obtained, can be used to decrypt the entire communication.

There is no sure-shot way yet to detect this type of intrusion on a communication channel. With Quantum Key Distribution, when an attempt is made to tap into the channel, a disturbance is created and presented as an error. If the errors cross a certain threshold, it is considered as an intrusion on the channel and the key generation process is stopped until corrective steps are taken.

Zero Possibility of Key Thefts

In quantum key distribution, the keys are generated only on demand and are never stored. The keys are passed to the encryptors or routers upon request and used only once. This eliminates any possibility of key theft.

End-to-End Encryption

Only quantum key distribution can provide full end-to-end encryption as the keys are generated on both ends and it is not possible to route the keys to a different network. Since it is also not possible to route a quantum channel to store the data (as it is a direct channel), it provides true end-to-end encryption.

Seamless Integration

Armos (QKD) is an added layer of security over and the existing security network. It eliminates the need to rip and replace existing assets in the security infrastructure. In addition to this, the protocol to communicate between Armos and the encryptors/router is pre-integrated for faster time-to-value.

Eavesdropping on your critical data will be immediately known

End-to-End encryption where encryption keys are only with you

No need for key storage, Hence no possibility of
key theft

No change in existing infrastruture and quick implementation of solution

Why you need Armos Quantum Key Distribution?
" The best day to move to quantum cryptography was yesterday and the next best time is today "

Key distribution has always been an area of vulnerability. Though strong keys are commonly used for encryption, the sharing of the secret key has always been a challenge.

Key distribution is the base for cryptographic infrastructure, which has traditionally been using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to transport. The popular cryptosystems—such as RSA, DSA, DH, ECDH, ECDSA and other variants of these ciphers which are built on mathematical complexities—are vulnerable due to the increase in computational power.

There are many instances of encryption breaking in a matter of hours by quantum simulators running on classical computers using Shor’s algorithm. The situation will worsen if systems remain unchanged; shifting to a new mathematical crypto may not help prevent the threat entirely. This is why companies need to act now and find new fool-proof ways to secure their infrastructure, which is currently possible only through QKD.


With PKI breakdown and rampant theft of critical data, organizations should focus on adopting more secure methods like quantum cryptography. There are only two proven options for securing data: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and One Time Pad (OTP). When combined and used, they provide the highest level of security possible against the attacks experienced today and address the threats of tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

The Key Cannot be Predicted

On Demand Key Generations

Real Time Intrusion Detection

End-to-End Encryption

Variable Key Length and Parameters

Who Should Use Armos QKD
Any organisation or business that needs to secure its sensitive data should use Armos.
Use Cases​
Are you an organisation with sensitive data? Looking to Future Proof your Data today Using Quantum Cryptography?
Application of QKD in Industries

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