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Quantum Vaccination Program For Enterprises

The whole world is reeling from one of the worst pandemics ever seen. Health systems of most countries are under ...

What’s lurking in the Cloud?​

The lock down has clearly increased workloads to remote, cloud and hybrid environments. The cyber-attacks have just been growing steadily and relentlessly.

The Future Of Secure Encryption: Satellite Quantum Key Distribution

Companies and governments around the world are in a race to build the first usable quantum computer.

Quantum Internet: A Leap Forward

On Oct. 29, 1969, a set of electrical signals emerged from the University of California, Los Angeles and traveled to one at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto.

The History Of Light

The concept of light has been described by many thinkers over the centuries starting from the Greeks in the 5th Century BC to more recent physicists such as Newton,...

Network security, a peek into how it all started

While we harp on data and network security in today’s interconnected world, and today there is an entire armory of network security

Pharma firms at risk of cyberattacks: How companies can become 100% hackproof

In the past few weeks, a few Indian pharmaceutical companies witnessed...

Being Crypto Agile in A Quantum World

Over the past 25 years, cryptographic algorithms have undergone a few upgrades and experienced...

‘Harvest now, decrypt later’ and the Quantum Revolution

Today, a huge amount of stolen information is lying in foreign databases. They are ready to be exposed in the next few years ...

Quantum Random Number Generator and its relevance today

To ensure safety and trusted communication in today’s connected world, random number generators are a critical security element.

Threat to National Security and Country’s Economy with Imminent arrival of Quantum Computers

To ensure safety and trusted communication in today’s connected world, ...

Dark Side of Quantum Computers A Lurking Threat to National Security

Data is a critical part of digitization; nation-state hackers pose...