QNu Labs

mCARP - Your Own Quantum Lab

To help you understand your QKD sets' dynamics, behavior, and effectiveness, QNu Labs present mCARP – the Critical Analysis Research Platform to test your quantum key distribution setup. Welcome to your very own quantum lab.

Salient Features of mCARP

Enter the quantum realm of digital security guided by mCARP and its research, testing, and tweaking capabilities. Packed with features that guide yet let you experiment with QKDs, mCARP offers a software-only, add-on critical analysis platform that educates you on quantum concepts and walks you through guided experimentation with the quantum key distribution.

Real-Time Operation

Monitor the real-time actions and movements of your quantum key distribution system using the user-friendly and simple interface provided by mCARP.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

mCARP's intuitive GUI can be accessed using any web browser. It also allows for access restrictions by segregating user profiles based on authorization

Deployment Flexibility

You can deploy mCARP using dedicated hardware installed on-premise or use QNu Lab's server network to access it over the cloud and begin testing

Readymade Testing Templates

If you do not want to manually enter all the test parameters, mCARP provides templated test sessions to get you started with QKD experiments.

Security and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand

The mCARP research platform offers you a new avenue of learning as you visualize and experiment with the quantum key distribution. The basic course curriculum would get you up to speed with the concept as you proceed to the quantum lab for real-world experiments and performance observation.

Quantum Foundation Course

This course answers your questions about what quantum is and what you can do with it. Understand how QKD systems work and how they are deployed through this course

Quantum Lab Work

Understand how to properly utilize mCARP and all its tools to work with QKDs. Immerse yourself in detailed experimentation with quantum key distribution and emulated cyberattacks

Research Course Work

Douse your curiosity with additional coursework oriented towards quantum channels and quantum key distribution for an in-depth, extended learning experience with mCARP

Cystel has partnered with QNu Labs, a pioneer in quantum technology in India, to engage in the business of sales and marketing and product evangelisation of quantum secure products and solutions. Together, we are working to nurture an ecosystem between enterprises, academia, and government organisations. I applaud the technical know-how and support received from QNu Labs in this regard.

Dr. Meera Samra   |  CEO & Founder, Cystel

Experience QKD Hands-on

mCARP's easy-to-use interface gives you the flexibility to experiment with QKDs the way you like. It also provides templatized experimentation modules that initiate the testing cascade while you observe the entire process. mCAPR has testing procedures for all sorts of learning appetites.

Foundational Lab Work

Acquire knowledge regarding the hardware used for quantum key distribution and the process of setting it up.

Software Lab Work

Familiarize with software setup, installation, GUI and controls, configurable parameters, software communication, and more

QKD Testing

Engage in tasks related to creating keys, conducting NIST and die-hard tests, performing statistical analyses, and matching keys.

QKD Real-World Learnings

A course about distance vs. attack, the efficacy of decoys, multi-hopping, leakage plot, and privacy amplification