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Radical Solution: Quantum Physics Reforms Cybersecurity

QNu Labs   |   Apr 14, 2023

Part 2 of the series highlighted threats from neo-attacks, especially quantum computers. But quantum technology is an answer to its own set of problems.

The process of encrypting data is called cryptography. It converts plain text into scrambled text so that someone with the right “key” can read it. Quantum cryptography, by extension, uses the principles of quantum mechanics to encrypt data and transmit it securely.

Quantum cryptography uses principles of quantum physics, such as:

Three-pronged approach

Quantum cryptography comes in three varieties:

Quantum Key Distribution

A unique key shared between the sender and receiver uses entangled quantum particles. An eavesdropper can be identified due to the inherent properties of entangled particles.

Quantum Random Number Generation

The unique properties of quantum physics allow the generation of truly random numbers. They do not follow any pattern; they are completely unpredictable. Quantum cryptography relies on this unpredictability.

Post-Quantum Cryptography

PQC refers to a set of quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms that can evade attacks from quantum computers.

If you are considering quantum-resistant cybersecurity, look no further!

Quantum-powered security solutions with QNu Labs

QNu Labs is a pioneer in quantum security. The founders and the team have developed products with proven and validated quantum-security methods.

QNu Labs, a leader in quantum-safe cryptography products and solutions, offers unconditional and forward security of data on the internet and cloud.

From quantum-based encryptions to entropy enhancement services, QNu covers all security bases.

Armos, Tropos, and Hodos are three flagship products by QNu Labs that encompass the three-pronged approach mentioned above.

Reforming critical industries with the radical technology

Quantum cryptography will undeniably reform industries such as defence, healthcare, banking and finance, telecom, and critical infrastructure. Some of the precise applications across these industries are:

QNu Labs has successfully deployed its products and services for blockchain, last-mile connectivity, and 5G in telecom.

A sense of urgency

Today, public-key encryption algorithms are used widely for encrypting data sent over the internet. The RSA-2048 public-key encryption provides the best combination of security and performance. It is believed to be extremely secure because it takes classical computers trillions of years to break the mathematics behind the encryption key exchange algorithms.

The superior computational power of quantum computers can break public-key encryption almost instantly. A quantum computer with 4099 perfectly stable qubits could break the RSA-2048 encryption in 10 seconds.

The importance of protecting critical and sensitive data using quantum-secured technology is the only path to secure our future. There is no time left to think and decide. The only plausible course of action is to plunge into adopting quantum security.

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