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Our products Armos(QKD) and Tropos(QRNG) are available to Governments and Defence through



Together We Learn, Adapt and Grow

QNu Labs is a leader in developing quantum safe security products and solutions with having in house lab and manufacturing and having people with diverse skills in Quantum Physics, Quantum Security, Cybersecurity, Optoelectronics, Laser technology and high precision electronics

Technology Partners

QNu Labs is privileged to partner with the best in the world as technology Partners including the tier-1 players as well as innovative start-ups.

Incubation and Accelerator partners​

QNu Labs has some of the best minds and some of the best partners in the industry to bring value to the eco system.

QNu's partner program supports a global network of service providers, certified re-sellers, distributors, and OEM integrators who are leading the way with world-class security solutions that meet evolving compliance and security requirements.

Worldwide Partners​

QNu Labs is looking for technology savvy partners to distribute and support our quantum safe products and solutions across the globe to become part of $25B emerging industry growing at a CAGR of 38%.

If you have a strong client network and knack of selling and deploying bleeding edge technology products and solutions contact us at sales@qnulabs.com​

Partnership Program

QNu Labs offers unconditional internet and cloud security to clients leveraging principles of Quantum Mechanics. QNu’s products and solutions uses quantum randomness and quantum secure key distribution capabilities to eliminate Man-in-the-Middle thus protect data from the phishing attacks and also future proofs data security. QNu Labs solutions provide paradigm shift compared to any data security infrastructure available today without any change in the infrastructure and revolves around the idea of how customer can achieve ‘Faster Time to value’. Partnering with QNu will provide expanded new markets and being a part of a fast growth environment.

Benefits of Partnering with us

QNu Labs will provide extensive training to partner team to learn new technology, products and solutions. They will be certified by QNu Labs partner training program.

Our expert teams will provide committed sales and presales support which helps in closing the deals and grow your business

Expansion of your professional and technology services with the best of breed quantum cryptography solutions which provide high value to your customers

Our partners will earn rebates to increase profitability and will have a better reach to new and existing customers

Our products increase customer satisfaction as our products and solutions provide solutions for data in rest and motion. Our products are cost-effective, comprehensive and innovative data security solutions for internet and cloud environments