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Practical Solution For Secure Network in a Quantum Computing Era

Data security in a network is a major concern in quantum era. One of the major challenges faced by quantum technology is to integrate itself seamlessly into present cryptographic infrastructure. The encryption algorithms prevalent today should be revisited from the perspective of threat from a quantum computer. In this paper, we demonstrate a practical demonstration and integration of a Differential Phase Shift Quantum Key Distribution (DPS QKD) protocol with commercial router cum encryptor.

We have validated the randomness of the final secure keys generated from QKD in NIST test suite and it has passed all the 15 tests. The QKD system was integrated with a commercial router cum encryptor and we have successfully performed data transmission from a source router to a destination router.

In this whitepaper, you'll discover:

QKD Protocols

Experimental Setup

Key Generation in QKD Network

Quantum key Transportation Between End Applications

Practical Demonstration for Point to Point QKD and More

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