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World’s first unique quantum security platform that ensures seamless forward secrecy and cryptoagility

Protect and safeguard confidential information across all environments using cutting-edge unified quantum data protection.

QShield™: Quantum-Powered Security Platform

Empowering Seamless Quantum Security Management for the Digital Era

Best in Class Technology

QShield™ is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the landscape of digital security, leveraging the power of quantum technology. At its core, QShield™ facilitates the creation and management of large scale quantum networks, extending seamlessly from the core infrastructure to the edge, ensuring robust security across all levels of connectivity.


QShield™’s strength lies in its ability to provide seamless and integrated cryptography management, transcending environmental, device, or deployment constraints. This encompasses every aspect of cryptography, including Key Generation, Distribution, and Management coupled with advanced next generation encryption protocols.

Unified Interface

QShield™ stands out for its unified interface for deploying, operating, and maintaining quantum security solutions. This consolidated approach provides users with a comprehensive overview and control over their security infrastructure, simplifying management tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Quantum Security Solutions Unleashed with QShield™ Platform

Experience the future of digital security with QShield™. From secure connectivity to advanced encryption and file sharing, empower your organization with cutting-edge quantum technology. Elevate your security infrastructure to new heights with QShield™


QShield™ Connect Service

QShield™ Key Generation, Distribution and Management Service

QShield™ Data Exchange and Storage Service

QShield™ Messaging Service

"At Urban Matrix, we have leveraged QNu's encryption APIs for our multiple communication channels. We are also collaborating with QNu Labs for the joint development of quantum secure communication for our UAVs targeting the Indian defence. We are pleased to be working with a pioneer in quantum encryption technology."

Rishabh Verma  |  Co-Founder and CEO

urban matrix

Next-Gen Security Solutions: Features and Benefits

Discover our advanced security features for seamless integration, enhanced scalability, and robust protection against cyber threats. Benefit from highly unpredictable encryption keys and algorithms, ensuring quantum security across all networks, even at the edge.



Experience the power of QShield™, your all-in-one solution for quantum security

Revolutionize your digital security landscape with our best-in-class technology, seamlessly integrating quantum cryptography for diverse networks, devices, and applications.