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Quantum Random Number Generator - The Concept

QNu Labs   |   June 14, 2023

Cryptography is an encryption process to keep our online data safe and secure. Random numbers form the foundation of modern-day cryptography. Random numbers are categorised into 3 types:

Though random numbers are generated in many ways, not all are good enough for cryptographic use. For example, computer-generated random numbers are not truly random. A computer is a machine designed to execute instructions in a predictable and repeatable way. They need assistance from external hardware to produce randomness.

Computers have functions and instructions to generate so-called pseudo-random numbers (PRNGs), which produce sequences of digits with certain random statistical properties. But the random numbers produced from a PRNG are fairly predictable and cannot be used 'as is' for cryptographic applications.

True random number generators (TRNGs) are a better fit for cryptography. TRNGs use a non-deterministic source to produce randomness. A computer may use an unpredictable external physical variable, such as radioactive decay of isotopes, or airwave static, rather than using an algorithm.

TRNGs are hardware components and require sophisticated engineering for quality output. However, TRNGs are designed based on complex physical principles that produce 'random-looking' dynamics (e.g., chaos). But, they are predictable and deterministic. A sufficiently motivated attacker or a badly operated system may compromise security.

Quantum random number generators (QRNGs) are a special case of TRNG. The randomness is generated using quantum principles, which are non-deterministic. QRNGs offer multiple advantages: quantum indeterminacy, faster performances by leveraging photonics, and the ability to verify the origin of unpredictability.

Tropos - QRNG

Tropos-QRNG is a flagship product developed by QNu Labs. It generates pure random numbers using the principles of quantum mechanics.

The characteristics of Tropos - QRNG are:


Indeterministic input driving unpredictability


Uniform distribution of the bits in sequence


Lack of discernible patterns in the sequence

Today's applications require a high rate of keys and randomness to ensure complete security. It could be key vaults, gaming, IoT devices, AI/ML, blockchains, simulations, and critical infrastructure.

Tropos-QRNG becomes the source for applications that rely on pure randomness. With true entropy and a high rate of generation, Tropos is a perfect source.

Your business will need Tropos because of these features:

perfect random numbers

Perfect Random Keys


High Rate of Entropy


High Throughput Key Rates


Multiple Application Usage

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