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Secure Messaging with the World's First Quantum Secure Messenger

QNu Labs bring to you the world's first quantum secure messenger, QVerse. Equipped with quantum-derived primitives that provide end-to-end security for all your digital correspondence.

Ways to Secure Your Messaging End-to-End with QVerse

Messaging is a sensitive activity that should be done with end-to-end security with a secure quantum messenger to ensure that your messages are scrambled using the strongest encryption methods that pass the test even with quantum nemesis.


End-to-End Quantum Encryption

Make your encryptions fiercely secret and interpretable only by the exchanging parties, eliminating intermediaries from tapping into this secure quantum channel


Encrypted Group Chats

Keep your messaging secure even while increasing the number of members exchanging messages. Quantum secure sessions for each chat ensure high-level security for each group


Quantum Enhanced Encryption

Post-quantum cryptographic protocols leverage quantum random number generation to create strong encryptions for secure messaging


Forward Security

Safeguard your sensitive messaging information against modernized, futuristic quantum attacks with high-level quantized encryptions for messaging


Two-Stage Authentication

Eliminate the risk of snooping activity with two-stage authentication from the user and the server-side, ensuring end-to-end quantum secure messaging


Quantum-Secured HD-Quality for Voice

Place voice calls that are protected by quantum based encryption protocols and high in the definition for a snoop-free communication


User Verification

Enhance messaging security with user access credentials. The credentials are unique for each user and restrict app access to those with the right set of codes/passwords


Session Time-Outs

Sessions times are configurable. The lapse of a session requires users to log in again with their unique credentials


Disable History Feature

Secure your messages with configurable messaging history options to assure that there is no data leakage

Seeing is Believing: Schedule a QVerse Demo Now

We encourage you to book a live demonstration of our quantum secure messenger to see how it works. After all, seeing is believing. QVerse enables absolute, uncompromised message security with a zero-trust factor in intermediaries.

Experience firsthand the true power of QVerse

Solution Architecture and Key Benefits

You Need Quantum Secure Messaging. Here's Why

The robust architecture of QVerse's two-step authentication enables seamless user verification and quantum security of messages between parties. One-time passwords generated by quantum random number generators for each session keep your communications secure.


End-to-End Quantum Encryption

Keep your messaging highly protected and defended against modern cyberattacks or snooping with quantum security

Complete Privacy

Messaging, voice calls, video calls, media/file sharing - any exchange happening over QVerse is guaranteed private in transit

Secure File Transfers

The power of quantum encryption extends to sharing files and media over QVerse. All files sent using QVerse and encrypted for complete confidentiality