QNu Labs

Quantum-Safe VPN for Complete
Network-Level Security

Safeguard your data exchanges in transit with QNu's Q-VPN, a future-oriented encryption system of link security enhanced with quantum-resistant, unpredictable keys.

What to Expect from Our Quantum-Safe VPN

A threat of today can become a breach of tomorrow. Arrest the risks of security breaches with Q-VPN, a novel technology drawing from quantum-algorithmic security principles to deliver end-to-end data protection over untrusted links.


Quantum Enhanced Encryption

Secure your in-transit data with quantum-safe protocols equipped to fend off the latest attack mechanisms


Truly Unpredictable Keys

Strengthen your encryption keys with the revolutionary QRNG technology, Tropos naturally integrated into the solution


Complete Forward Security

Maintain the data security continuum by reinforcing randomness from time to time by re-keying the key encryption using QRNG


Multiplicity in Authentication

Easily assimilate Q-VPN into your existing systems with authentication protocols of your choice - username/password, certificates, and more


Highly Scalable

Unconditional security catalyzes unbridled scalability in business with a robust, quantum-safe infrastructure


Minimal Latency

Q-VPN is secure at superfast speeds. Keep your encryption-induced latencies unnoticeable.


Work-From-Home Ready

Secure the inter-office data paths for in-field and work from home personnel in their entirety with quantum-resistant networks that are impregnable to snoops, bugs, or attacks

Why Go Quantum with Network Security?

Ensure uncompromised security for your data with quantum-safe VPN enabled as Encryption as a Service (EaaS) with QNu Labs. With the TROPOS QRNG, genuinely unpredictable keys are generated that provide a solid protection shell over your data in transit.


QNu's Q-VPN offers a simple setup process and user-friendly interface, making it easy to use and implement.

Random numbers informed by quantum algorithms ensure the generation of high entropy, pattern less keys

Inviolable security assurance using futuristic encryption mechanism reinforced with quantum concepts

Quantum-Safe VPN Sneak Peek

QNu's quantum secure VPN service leverages state-of-the-art technology reinforced with quantum-resistant layers of security - see what happens behind the scenes.

Quantum-Safe VPN Use Cases

Enterprise Security

Deploy Q-VPN for securing enterprise networks - whether on-premises or remote (between any number of locations)

Watchtower Comms Security

Leverage quantum VPN for voice and video communications with watchtowers

Ship-to-Shore Security

Long-distance data transit security is enhanced and reinforced with quantum-safe VPN

Premises Security

Solidify campus networks with secure quantum mobility in WiFi, LiFi, and others to avoid risks of information leaking

Quantum-Safe VPN Industries

Quantum safe VPN is industry independent. Where there is a network, there are security risks. With Q-VPN's unpredictable keys, your data will experience a safe journey wherever it goes.