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ARMOS - Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

The ultimate shield for your data

QNu’s Armos' QKD protects critical infrastructure unconditionally, providing quantum resilience to ensure data in transit is safe at all times.

Principles Behind Armos QKD Design

What is Armos - Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)?

Armos - Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a state-of-the-art device that renders unconditional security for critical data. It is engineered on the principles of quantum physics.

A design innovation, Armos, truly delivers its quantum-backed security. Powered by a complex mix of deep-tech technologies, it unflinchingly safeguards sensitive data.

Armos (QKD) Augments Your Infrastructure

We understand that the complex infrastructure in your organization was built over time. Each of the various devices in the network has a role to play.

Armos-QKD was designed to augment this infrastructure without disturbing it.

It can be deployed on any existing cryptographic system.

The quantum layer sits on top of the existing network, making the deployment and adoption seamless - be it a data centre or a hybrid model.


Easy Upgrade To Quantum Safe Security


Integration With Existing Crypto Structure


No Disruption In Operation, Faster Deployment

No wastage of existing investments - High ROI

Zero Wastage Of Resources, High ROI

Underlying Technology You Can Trust

The quantum property of entanglement is a natural characteristic of quantum-security. The entangled photons share complementary attributes that cannot be tampered with or replicated.

Armos (QKD) uses a series of randomly generated photons, that are in a quantum state, to exchange quantum information. They produce same keys at both ends of the cable.

An attempt to read the quantum state of the photon causes the keys to collapse. Subsequent key generation stops and the admin is notified of a possible attack on the channel. The simultaneous generation of keys at both ends makes eavesdropping a futile exercise.


Armos is designed to fully encapsulate quantum principles and provide a robust technology that you can trust.

Does your organization hold sensitive data? Secure your data assets with Quantum Cryptography.

Armos-QKD makes quantum-security accessible for your business.

Unconditional Security Guaranteed

Armos-QKD serves multi-purpose encryption requirements.

Irrespective of the industry your business belongs to and regardless of your specific security requirements, Armos is your go-to product.

The Symmetric Key Encryption mechanism employed by Armos ensures keys are never exchanged over the network.

Unconditional security resides on the principle of concurrent key generation at both ends of the channel.

If you need unbreakable security, you need Armos (QKD).


5G back haul by securing communication between base stations


Quantum Safe Network topology for agency, state, or country


Secure Digital Key Transfer for confidential data in defense and allied industries


Fool-Proof Endto- End Encryption by localizing keys on a network

Still Not Convinced? There’s More.

How Armos - Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) achieves unconditional security?

Key distribution has always been an area of vulnerability and carries the highest risk of data exposure. Though strong keys may be used for encryption, the sharing of the secret key has always been a point of vulnerability and challenge. Key distribution is the base for cryptographic infrastructure which has traditionally been using public key Infrastructure.

With PKI breakdown and rampant theft of critical data, organizations should focus on adopting more secure methods like quantum cryptography. There are only two proven ways of securing data, one is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and the second is Quantum One Time Pad (QOTP), both of which in combination provides the highest level of security possible against the attacks experienced today and future threats that may arise for data in transit.

Key Takeaways


Who Should Use Armos - Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)?

Use Cases

Data Centre to Data Recovery Solutions

5G Back Haul using QKD Network

Critical Infrastructure Control Systems

Cloud Security using BYOK

Central Key Server with QKD Channels

Quantum Safe VPN​