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Tropos - Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

Root of trust giving the perfect random numbers

QNu' Tropos (QRNG) does not rely on mathematical algorithms; it generates random numbers from a quantum source, making it suitable for all applications.

True Random Numbers Assured

Tropos-QRNG generates truly random numbers using the principles of quantum mechanics. Randomness is a property of quantum physics validated by theoretical and experimental research.

Traditional random number generators use predictable inputs making them deterministic. These inputs have a tendency to repeat. The unpredictability of output is lost making these systems vulnerable to hacks.

QRNG is a sophisticated engineering innovation that involves complex deeptechnologies working in tandem to create true randomess.


Indeterministic input driving unpredictability


Uniform distribution of the bits in sequence


Lack of discernible patterns in the sequence

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QRNG Equals Unmatched Randomness

The source of light for QRNG is a laser beam. It produces photons that naturally exhibit quantum properties.

When photons hit a semi-transparent mirror, the photon will either transmit through the mirror or reflect off the mirror. The original photon will be in a superposition state of ‘transmit’ and ‘reflect’.

The mirror acts as a point of measurement. Upon hitting the mirror, the superposition state of the photon collapses in one of the two possible end states. The state after collapse is inherently random; there isn’t any way of predicting the state of the photon. The randomness cannot be influenced by external parameters.

qrng laser diagram

Tropos-QRNG encompasses the process mentioned above and more. To ensure the highest quality of photons are delivered and any possibility of errors is removed, Tropos advances the technology further.

tropos qrng arch

Why Is Tropos (QRNG) Perfect For Your Business?

Tropos QRNG offers a reliable and trustworthy source of entropy, fulfilling the demand for a flawless source in many applications today.

perfect random numbers

Perfect Random Keys


High Rate of Entropy


High Throughput Key Rates


Multiple Application Usage

Does your business use these applications?


Key Vaults


AI and ML




IoT Devices




Ensure a high rate of keys and randomness with Tropos-QRNG

Still Wondering Why QRNG? Here’s More.


Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) is a software based algorithm that generates data from a seed number and converts it into random values.


True Random Number Generator (TRNG) uses avalanche noise, thermal noise, and atmospheric noise as inputs to generate random values.


Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) is the perfect random key generator as it uses intrinsic qualities of quantum physics to generate entropy.

PRNG and TRNG are vulnerable due to their predictability

Tropos-QRNG Can Be Deployed Across Industries

tropos applications

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