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Bringing Quantum Security to Blockchain powered Data-Interchange

Across the world, businesses and individuals are either digitally enabled or getting enabled at a fast pace. With petabytes of data being generated at break-neck speed, Data TRUST and SECURITY are the holy grail of the digital world. Cyber risk to data safe-keeping is now exponentially increasing with the access to Quantum computing not too far away in the future.

Addressing this issue NOW for the future is the partnership between ThynkBlynk and Qnu Labs. Two cutting edge, innovative technology platform players, we have come together to deliver a market ready and viable Quantum secure Data-Interchange powered by Blockchain

In this whitepaper, you'll discover:

CHAINTrail™ > Data Interchange at Confluence of Web2.0 & Web3.0

QNu Labs Products and Solutions

QNu’s QRNG powered Quantum Keys secure Data within CHAINTrail™ at-rest & in Motion

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