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Our products Armos(QKD) and Tropos(QRNG) are available to Governments and Defence through


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QRNG for Tokenization Needs​

Tokens are random numbers that are used to mask the personally identifiable information (PII), be it Bank Account Details, Credit/Debit card numbers, PAN / AADHAR data,


KPMG and QNu has come together on a report on Quantum Cryptography.

This helps CISO and CIO good starting point to understand the problem with....


Practical Solution for Secure Network in a Quantum Computing Era

In this whitepaper, we demonstrate a practical demonstration and integration of a Differential


Quantum led security in IoT world

In this whitepaper we discuss the current state of adoption of IoT and security layers as well. We live in the world of industry 4.0. We deep dive....


Securing Blockchain Using Quantum Cryptography

In this whitepaper we talk about security issues in block chain and how do you secure blockchain using quantum cryptography and more.


Achieve Unconditional Security of VPN Communication with Quantum key exchange

In this whitepaper discusses how to use quantum keys in VPN and the benefits of quantum keys.


Guide for Implementing Quantum Safe Cryptography

In this whitepaper we talk about the biggest Y2Q threat, vulnerabilities in todays cryptosystems, cryptoagility and how do you make todays encryption....