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Achieve Unconditional Security of VPN Communication With Quantum Key Exchange


With the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises have seen a steady increase of attacks and this has been a new learning to the CIO’s in the organisations. Though digital transformation creates opportunities for new technologies, it also introduces new security concerns. Today’s enterprises use VPN with End-to-End encryption and consider them as the safest means of communicating critical data. However, these do have vulnerabilities leading to gaps in security which is an alarming issue.

This whitepaper details on how to achieve End-to-End security of your VPN communication using Quantum Keys without any changes to the existing infrastructure. The proposed solution in the whitepaper ensures that the encryption keys are not available with anyone outside of your own infrastructure.


  • Where VPNs Are Posing Threat
  • Vulnerabilities in End-to-End Security
  • How Do You Implement Quantum Keys in VPN
  • Benefits of VPN With Quantum Keys
  • How Quantum Key Distribution (Armos) Works and More

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