QNu Labs

QNu's Industry Oriented Applications

QNu Labs' innovative products and solutions are architected and designed for the enterprise's easy and cost-effective implementation of quantum-safe security. Closely working with clients, QNu has defined pertinent and essential use cases for different industry verticals offering protection from current vulnerabilities and extending future security in the quantum era.

Pioneering the future of encryption for today and tomorrow.​

QNu provides quantum safe data encryption, secure key generation and distribution solutions to the financial industry, telecom service providers, healthcare, large and medium enterprises, defense and government organizations worldwide to protect their assets from current vulnerabilities and future attacks


Govt. and Defence

Use cases include Last-Mile Connectivity, Quantum Enabled Video-calling, Quantum Secure Messaging and many more...



Use cases include Digital Certificates, Video Conferencing, Quantum Security for Patient Records and many more..


Banking and Finance

Use cases include Data at Rest & Enhanced Security, Quantum VPN, Quantum Safe Network and many more..

Telecom & Data Center​

Use cases include Continuous Authentication, Solution Stack for IoT (Internet of Things) World and many more ...

Critical Infrastructure

Use cases include Risk Management, Quantum Solutions for Transport, Smartcity Connectivity, Disaster Management and many more...


New Age Industries

Use cases include Data security in Drones, Blockchain Powered Data Interchange Platform, IoT Devices and many more...