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Developments of Quantum Secure Networks Around the World

While companies like Google and IBM are in the race of announcing quantum supremacy. At the same time companies like Riggeti, D-Wave are concretely showing a good sign of progress. Many startups are also showing great interest in developing Quantum Computers. The state of fully corrected quantum computers which we can call as Y2FCQ problem (Year to Fully Corrected Quantum Computers)  can be seen within 8 years. When we look at the wide spread innovation that is happening in this area the likelihood of Y2FCQ may be much sooner. 

Now the question is when can a Quantum computer break RSA, ECC or any encryption based on mathematical algorithms?

Quantum Developments around the World-

Today Quantum Computers pose a severe threat in the world of encryption and securing the data is a paramount challenge. Today's Government leaders and Enterprises should be aware of the emerging challenges and threats posed by quantum technology and prepare for coming changes. In today's world any kind of communication which is encrypted today there is widespread wiretapping. It is so easy to tap into data from a fiber line. 

Hackers use the attack model  “Store and Decrypt Later” which means that hackers are harvesting encrypted data and public encryption key information from optical fibers and other means and storing them to break when Y2FCQ moment arrives. This implies that world should be worried about losing their encrypted data Today

Notable nations which are developing quantum-safe communications-

* China

* Singapore & UK
* India


China is in the urgency to build an impenetrable Quantum Secure Network. They constitute the world's first space-ground quantum network.

This long-distance quantum-key distribution is yet another achievement of the Chinese satellite Micius. The researchers quantum-encrypted images by encoding them as strings of numbers based on the quantum states of photons and sent them across distances of up to 4,722 miles between Beijing and Vienna.

China has also successfully transmitted quantum information over a fiber optic cable as well for a distance of 404 Km. China is also building a national quantum secure communication backbone network of 11,000 Kms. 

Singapore & UK-

Singapore’s National University of Singapore (NUS) and the United Kingdom’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) RAL Space have signed an agreement that paves the way for the joint building of a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) test satellite to be launched by late 2021.

UK and Singapore governments are to build and fly a satellite quantum key distribution (QKD) test bed.  Through this collaboration, Singapore and the UK will co-develop QKD Qubesat, a satellite-based on the CubeSat standard that will use a pioneering QKD technology to test the secure distribution of cryptographic keys over globe-spanning distances.


India also has joined the race in Quantum Technologies. This year's budget Government of India has announced Rs.8000 Crore over five years towards National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications.

We at QNu Labs are the first and only company in the country to make Quantum Key Distribution Product Armos and successfully field-tested in the tough conditions. We are an in-house research team with multidisciplinary skills and the capability of building products and solutions in the bleeding edge technologies at our state of the art lab in India. The company has plans of expanding wings across the world serving industries such as Defence, Financial Institutions, Data Centers, Government and organizations where data is critical.

Why Quantum channel is un-hackable?

When someone tries to steal or eavesdrop your keys, you will know it and the channel of communication will be destroyed. So it's tamperproof and assured by principles of Quantum Physics.

This is fundamentally secure and no one can steal your encryption keys and you're future safe.   

WHY Armos?

Armos acts as an additional unbreakable layer for your security, Armos is a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)  product from QNu Labs and is based on the principles of Quantum physics, not mathematics. The generated encryption keys are Truly Random, Untampered and Secure.

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